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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Looking for fellow audiophile

Hi Everyone,

I would like to share some of my audio experience with any one who is willing to share with me.First, I would like like to remind all readers that this is no advertisement to sell my products or a gimmick to miss led readers.I am just to share what I have learn from great Musician of audio reproduction from China.

The Chinese have been practicing the technique on how to reproduce good and quality music for hundred of years and is still doing it today in China.Many of these Chinese audiophiles today are really into reproduction of audio equipments and recordings that is easily available to the public at any time.

I would like to begin my story the day I met Mr. Lim ( Fat Boy Lim ) from Taiping 2 years ago.Mr. Lim is new to the audiophile world.Mr. Lim happens to know one professor Lee who is a audio guru from China.Soon Lim began his quest for the real world of Hi Fi.This Lim is considered talented and learns very fast.In just a year he manage to learn the skill on how to set up real Hi Fi system and improving his skill by the day.

One day my friend Lim invited me to his place to have a listen to his set up.I agree and thinking that he might want to learn something from me.The moment I step into his Hi Fi room, I notice that his set up is different from most of our set up.His stereo speakers are spaced very far a part.About 5m distance.The moment he played a CD, my jaw dropped.This is what I have been looking for all this years and it is finally here in Taiping.

I could not believe that my friend Lim can actually make this kind of music reproduction.The music is so comfortable to the ears, so real and so accurate.There is no branded audio equipment and most of his gears are DIY or made in China.Only his CD player is considered branded, a Studer CD player.Soon began our audio bliss and our audio nirvana.We began to talk the same thing and the same way and same frequency.Lim is so happy that he finally found someone who shares and thinks the same as him.

Now we have 2 guys who believes and see Hi Fi the same way.In my next episode I will write in detail what we actually did to our set up and how we manage to get 3 dimensional sound effect from just 2 stereo speakers.

Bye for now.


From Alan